Wise Sayings Mugs
CRS mug cost is $14.99


Wise Sayings Mugs features high quality ceramic mugs creatively designed by Kathie FitzPatrick and made available through Gearbubble, Bristol, PA by print on demand for our customers, and usually arrive in about 7 days of ordering. Certified Residential Specialist stands for excellence in the world of Real Estate, and now a CRS can enjoy letting the world know of their accomplishment a new way. Enjoy a mug at the office or give one as a gift! There is no need for a coupon code. The Featured Collection pages were created to especially showcase the CRS mugs and pendant jewelry offering an "evergreen discount" for CRS from the usual price of $16.99 to $14.99 per mug. You can see that my other mugs are priced at $16.99.


  • Enjoy your CRS designation with a CRS mug to sport at the office or give as a gift.
  • Dozens of mug designs and pendant jewelry to choose from.
  • Created by Kathie FitzPatrick who herself is a CRS.